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Specialised employment placement and support services designed to suit your interests, skills and abilities. Eligible job seekers can gain up-to-date information and resources to assist with planning and preparing for work.


Innovative training courses and qualifications to develop your skills for employment. All of our training options are free of charge to eligible trainees.

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Solutions to meet the recruitment needs of your business; including advertising and post-placement support. Our one-stop-shop approach ensures that employers can access all of the available benefits and supports - many of them free of charge.

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  • Workplace throws Peter a Lifeline

    Life is looking up for Maryborough resident Peter Kalbfell.

    His partner of 10 years, Boyarna, is due to have their first child in less than five weeks.

    Add that excitement to dramatic improvements in Peter’s workplace and everything is going dandy. (more…)